How can I recover the dried Wet Blue leathers?

Many tanneries have Wet Blue skins in their stock, which become dried over time and cannot be properly wetting back.
We have verified that the combined use of DERMALAN 1112 and MELITAN RW, allows to rehydrate the leathers in order to be able to proceed with the subsequent processing.

We invite you to view the video you will find in the appropriate section and/or contact our technicians.

After dyeing, the leathers natural defects are highlighted. How can I improve this defect?

We have developed a “Overnight” dyeing system that evens the top dyeing of the leathers, improving both appearance and selection.
Using the PM03 also on different types of items (including Chrome Free), it was possible to perform the “Overnight” dyeing operation which not only brings a good improvement to the dyeing quality, but allows a considerable saving of products and processing time.

Our technicians will be happy to give you more information.

I need that there is no development of Chromium VI on leathers after accelerated aging and after exposure to the light.

Our technicians have developed a process that avoids accidental formation of Chrome VI.  This process has been used in production and the finished leathers have respected the limits imposed by the current regulations.

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